Our next  Zoom Presentation, Monday , March 18, at 6:15 PM Pacific Time

March 18th, 6:15 PM      

Our Zoom Presenter: 

Gordon Gidlund

"Cotton and War Economics"

Gordon Gidlund will present “Cotton and War Economics.” The story of cotton is intertwined with the war as it is intertwined with slavery. Both sides factored cotton into their strategies, fiscal as well as military. Gordon will discuss certain cotton-picking matters that you may have never even known about. He'll delve into the Cotton Embargo, the Red River Campaign, and Erlanger's seven percent Cotton Bonds, among topics. Further, please come prepared to have your conventional wisdom challenged. 

Porter received the Metal of Honor for the Battle of Chickamauga. While acting as a volunteer aide, at a critical moment when the lines were broken, rallied enough fugitives to hold the ground under heavy fire long enough to effect the escape of wagon trains and batteries.

Our next  In-Person and Zoom Presentation Wednesday, March 20, at  2 PM Pacific Time

March 20th, 2 PM      

Our In-Person and Zoom Presenter: 

Living Historian Mike Reetz

Brigadier General 

Horace Porter aide-de-camp to 

Union Gen. U S Grant

How the American Revolutionary War Echoed Through the Life of Horace Porter.”

Mike Reetz will outline Porter’s family connections, education, and early duties during the Civil War. Grant requested Porter to be on his staff. Some of the relationships between the two will be covered.

After resigning from the Army, Porter experienced many ups and a couple of downs. He was VP of the Pulman Car Company for many years: he wrote a book on Grant, Campaigning with Grant (1897), helped McKinley get elected and served as ambassador to France.

President Lincoln and the Former Confederate Union Regiments

Researched by Mark C. Radeleff