Researcher Louis Di Donato


Charles Myers Jenkins

A Los Angeles man served with a Massachusetts cavalry unit; was captured; survived Confederate prisoner-of-war camps, including Andersonville in Georgia; was released on parole in late 1864; rejoined his unit; and fought again. He was at Appomattox when Gen. U.S. Grant oversaw the surrender of Gen. Robert E. Lee in April 1865.

Mr. Di Donato's research began at the Lincoln Memorial Shrine. It was his discovery of the journal and his research which led to the Historical Society of Los Angeles making known this soldier’s Civil War journey and gifting this rare document to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. 

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Civil War Researcher

 Louis Di Donato

Presents: "The Life of 

Charles Myers Jenkins"

A Los Angeles man to serve

in the Union in the Eastern Theater during the Civil War.

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"A Discussion of Constitutional Issues in the Civil War." 

 Dred Scott, Secession, Habeas Corpus and among other things, it will help us understand how Confederates understood secession. 

Mark A. Graber, PhD, JD, MA

Mark Graber is the Regents Professor at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law. He is the author of more than 10 books or edited collections, including “Rethinking Abortion” (Princeton 1996) and “Dred Scott and the Problem of Constitutional Evil” (2013). He also has written over 100 published articles on constitutional law, constitutional theory, constitutional development, constitutional history, and pretty much every other topic in which “constitutional” is used as an adjective.